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We are sure that more than once you have wondered how to properly prepare a phunnel-type pot, and how to load tobacco into this type of bowls. Well, today we bring you another tutorial.

What’s the reason? Well, simply because we want you to get the most out of your pots, and get as optimal smokes as possible. How to get it? Well learning to use not only the cachimba itself, but all the accessories and accessories that they complete.

What is a phunnel pan?

If to this day you’ve been using the typical Egyptian porcelain saucepan that came included when you bought your pot, you should know that you have a whole world to explore, as handmade pots provide better smoke.A phunnel-like saucepan is a bowl that has a central vortex, carrying the tobacco into the surrounding tank.

Today, this type of pots are more used, as tobacco tends to become much more soaked in tlasting than a few years ago.The big difference between phunnel and Egyptian pots is the way airflow on tobacco acts, getting phunnels to cook and coat tobacco in their own meds, while EgyptiansPhunnel bowls cook and resequelate tobacco in their own tings, while Egyptian pots have a vertical flow of air and have other properties in smoking.

Steps to prepare a Phunnel-like bowl

Preparing a pot is a very simple thing, but it requires minimal knowledge, and of course, steps that we must follow to get a “perfect smoke”. And it’s not just about choosing a good tobacco, or providing the right heat and the right way… not even to opt for the use of a heat manager or not. The steps necessary for us to prepare our phunnel pan are:

1. Choose our favorite bowl

It’s clear that everyone has our brand preferences, and it really should be. Although, on many occasions, the brand of the pan is not the main point at which we must look at when buying a.

The type of material with which the pot is made in which we are going to prepare our tobacco for smoking from our horn, will cause the way in which we will smoke and taste the tobacco.

For example, white clay with chamote is a material with which refractory pots are made, which heat tobacco in a uniform way, and allows us to make the most of it during longer sessions with our pot.

On the other hand, black mud often absorbs heat with incredible effectiveness, pampering tobacco, and keeping it stable the heat management of the most delicate smokers.

However, the grey clay with which The Brazilian Super Bowl bowls are usually made, allows them to start in a fulminant way, and are ideal for people waiting for large puffs of smoke from the first moment.

On this occasion, we have thought of the Helium Small SE pot, which is a bowl with which we will spend about 15gr. of tobacco, approximately, for a more than enough load.

2. Load tobacco or smoke into the bowl

One of the most common mistakes that inexperienced users make is not to treat tobacco properly before using it.It is essential that we crumble herbs or tobaccos well before placing them in the pan.

Not only are we going to oxygenate tobacco, but even if you think otherwise, we will also take advantage of the amount we deposit, avoiding unnecessary spending by crushing it.

We have several formulas to “demysed” tobacco, either by crumbling it with your fingers, or using a fork on a rigid base. As you gain experience, you will realize that the brand of the smoker that you are going to use plays an important role in deciding what amount to deposit in the pot.

There are brands of smokers that better withstand the heat, and we can play with the degree of appeal, according to our taste, and even if we must lower it flush with the edge, to avoid burning too much.Cuánto tabaco de cachimba echarle a la cazoleta.

The most important factor when treating tobacco in our Phunnel saucepan is to control how tobacco is heated. We must bear in mind that we want tobacco to cook, and not to burn.For this reason, if we crush it, we will run the risk of the top burning more quickly, preventing heat from penetrating into the bottom of the pan.

That’s when we’ll have that nasty burning taste, from the first moment.Therefore, regardless of the type of pot we use, we must follow a basic step: to perfectly crumble all the tobacco by our Phunnel pan, until we have about 2 or 3mm. left of the edge.

Prevent tobacco from touching aluminum foil or heat manager at all costs.

3. Place and tighten silver paper

If you are a beginner in the shisha sector, you will surely use the common silver paper that we all have in our kitchens.However, you have to know “from now”, that there are special silver papers to use in all kinds of pots. Our recommendation: Super Foil,a silver paper with 40 microns thick, which not only supports the heat perfectly,but is highly resistant to tensioning.

Here you have it for direct purchase: Super Foil – Monster Duty.Elegir el papel de aluminio para cazoleta.One of the “tricks” we use to avoid the feeling of vacuum when vacuuming (if it happens to you) is that you place a clip, or something similar, in the center hole of the pan, and put double layer of foil.

If you want to move to the next level and, being a pro smoker, you can purchase the Mod Phunnel pot accessory for 2.99 euros. With this, we will avoid plugging the hole in the center of our Phunnel.

4. Hole silver paper

The holes in the silver paper allow oxygen to pass into the pan, and therefore into the base, through the immersion tube.It is not just any step, but another step that becomes important if we take into account that an excessive number of holes in the silver paper that covers the pot, or on the contrary, an insufficient number, can cause us to enjoy smokes with more or less quality.

Hence we should not take lightly the way in which we perform this step.To pierce the silver paper, we can use a sharp punch (you will find a variety of punches in our shop) or some kind of thick needle or pin (we do not recommend it, since they may be too thin, and not perform well their function)Ideally, the entire circumference in which tobacco is found should be holed.

Some offer the theory that three concentric circles would be the perfect drawing.However, this will also vary depending on the type of bowl. But, as the case at hand is phunnel-type pots, we take it for granted.Agujeros en el papel de aluminio de la cachimba.Our recommendation, unlike what specialized users who, on the other hand, do not even agree on the ideal thickness of the hole, may not even agree, is that a small size, but with a correct distribution throughout the pot, provides optimal combustion, but with a great advantage:

we will prevent the ash from the coals from falling on tobacco more easily.When using drier tobacco, we should make more holes than for more soaked tobacco. In this way, the airflow is higher, and we will delay excessive burning.It is important that the punch is sharp, to prevent the silver paper from being discarded by the pressure we exert on it.

In fact, we recommend that, once you’ve made all the holes, you tighten the paper again to prevent charcoal from touching our smoking

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