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Pokémon Go Promo Codes

Pokémon GO was launched in July 2016 by Niantic. Since that time players have seen the mysterious ‘Promos’ text field available in the shop and wondering where they can find these codes? In this article, we can confirm that they are really not so mysterious – they are real and do exist, while they’re not being used for much at present.

Apple users might be disappointed after reading this complete guide because they are unable to redeem Promo Codes on IOS devices (Even promos text field doesn’t appear in the Iphone). If anything changes in the future, we will definitely update this guide.

You can find the answers to your burning questions below:

What are Pokémon GO promo codes?

Promo code is a combination of alphabets and numbers, It looks like xhtz7hvch541ubd

How to find Pokemon go promo codes?

Whenever you participate in a special Event, Niantic sends the promo codes to your em

What are the advantages of Promo Codes?

It is used to get incubators, Lucky Eggs and many other gifts or bonuses.

How to get Legendary Pokemons with Promo Codes?

There is no official statement from Niantic that We can find Legendary Pokemons with promos. The only way to find the legendary pokemon is to play in the Large scale events.

Does Promo Codes work only for one device?

Many people ask this question but no one has a valid answer for it. However, The promo codes are valid only for a time period.

Will Niantic ban my account if I use the Promo Codes?

I am not sure, but I will suggest you not to use every promo code that you find over the internet.

Do the promo codes work in a specific region?

The promo codes are not restricted for a specific region. So if you find any promo code, you can redeem it.


How do I redeem a promo code in Pokemon Go?

As you know, promo code redemption in Pokémon GO is limited to Android devices only and iOS players are unable to redeem these codes. 

Non-iOS players can simply follow the instructions below:

Touch the Pokeball icon while in Map View.

Tap the Shop button.

Scroll down at the bottom to find the Promos text field.

Write the code and touch Redeem.


Use PMONCHEST and get the reward of 2 to 10 Uncommon Chest!


Use 2GHHDGSKSICNS and getthe reward of Get 1024 Packs for FREE


Use FLASHFIRE and get the reward of a Rare Pokemon


Use GYARADOSPROMO1and get the reward of Mega Gyarados and Ex Gyarados Ex


Use MEWISNOW9 and get the reward of an Old Mew Card + Mew EX!


Use Yxdgcvl62rlkb and get the reward of Pokemon Shedinja Power Up


Use shyminex and get the reward of Shiny Cubone 


Use URKCYFYNCVIH and get the reward of pack of 1024 Coins


Use Furiousfists to get the reward of Free rally deck


Use Ashxy to get the reward of a Plasma blast booster pack


Use NPA329OF to get the reward of extra coins and pokeballs


Use GOTTACATCHEMPACKS to get the reward of Pokemon Go Free candies


Use ImMingChang and get the reward of Enjoy Mega Genger


Use dragonsexalted and get the reward of Hat for Free


Use NOTCOOLTOSCAM and get the reward of Free Pokemon Cards


Use JoacoSayayinYT and get the reward of Pokemon 50 Free Packs


Use FURIOUSFISTS and get the reward of free rally deck


Use URKCYFYNCVIH and get the reward of Pokemon Go Mystery Gift Code


Use IAMTHEPACK and get the reward of Pack of 10 coins 


Use DJ3xclusive and get the reward of 5000 Poke Dollars


Use HELPPOKEMON and get the reward of Pack of 1024 Poke coins


Use xhtz7hny1777rffd for Latest Updated Promo Codes


Use 2P3N6WKW and get the reward of 118 Incubator


Use Daddyboy to get the reward of Garador EX!for Free


Use OneTwoThree to get the reward of 3 Legendary Cards



If you are an iOS user and you have a friend or family member who has the android phone. Use his phone and sign in with your pokemon account. When you are using the android device you will see the “Promos” text field, write the Promo code in it. Redeem the code and sign out from the android device. When you sign in with your iOS device you will see that you have received that gift.

I hope you found this guide helpful? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


We will keep this article updated with more information about Pokémon GO Promo Codes when we find any new promo code.


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