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NYCFC Soccer camps provide a unique week-long program for professional players looking to improve their tactical & technical skills in an exciting & challenging environment. Camps offer a variety of game-related activity to hone both technically and mentally developed players on and off the field, including sports science, sports psychology, game analysis & evaluation, and leadership development. Each session also includes individual and team-building activities for the players to bond and interact with other campers, coaches, and NYCFC Youth coaches. In addition, each player receives individual training from NYCFC Footballers including training from your favorite team, practice drills, and training sessions with your favorite NYCFC Players.

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During NYCFC Soccer camp, you’ll be challenged to play competitive soccer games, learn about the history of the sport, as well as receive hands-on training from NYCFC youth coaches and experienced professional coaches. Campers will also enjoy a variety of soccer games and events which include games against MLS teams like Toronto FC, Sporting Kansas City, LA Galaxy, Vancouver Whitecaps, Atlanta United, and Portland Timbers, as well as international clubs such as FC Barcelona and Inter Milan.

NYCFC Soccer camp provides a variety of sport-based activities for kids and adults. These include sports science, training sessions, sports psychology, game analysis & evaluation, and leadership development.

Sports Science is a fun and interesting area for kids who are interested in playing soccer. Sports science involves helping kids identify the various movements required on the field of play. By identifying what actions are required, kids can increase their awareness of the best ways to position themselves in order to get the most out of every action they do.

One of the activities that is offered at NYCFC camp includes practice drills and soccer clinics with Nike Youth soccer apparel and gear. This equipment has been designed specifically for young athletes and allows them to improve their soccer skills without the use of the traditional balls and cleats used by professionals. Practice drills consist of drills designed to simulate the real game-day conditions that occur on the field of play and teach kids how to set up and defend positions during the game, and play passes, dribble moves, and headers. Players learn how to create shots out of set pieces and how to shoot with their feet.

Soccer clinics provide kids with a variety of soccer techniques and skills that are taught by coaches who are professional soccer coaches. The camps also offer a variety of games and events for campers to participate in, including games against pro teams such as Sporting Kansas City and Toronto FC, as well as games against youth teams and neighborhood teams. that compete in various soccer leagues such as the Boys & Girls club and the Young Girls League. The youth soccer league, which is run by MetroStars Youth Soccer Club, is one of the largest and most competitive in the New York area.

Soccer is a competitive sport, and the campers learn the basic fundamentals of the game through a combination of skill development and competition. The soccer clinics help teach young players how to play the game by helping them to play the game with and against each other, as well as by allowing them to compete against different age groups. Youth soccer players learn to execute soccer plays, dribble moves, shoot, pass, block kick and pass, and train to tackle.

The NYCFC soccer camp also allows campers to experience first hand the unique training facilities that Nike manufactures for the campers. Many of these facilities are located on site, while others are rented from other professionals who have them, but are located out of town. These facilities include the soccer courts at the main soccer field and locker room that are built to handle several thousand campers at a time.

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