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NYCFC Soccer Camp provides week-long camps for competitive players looking to grow their tactical & technical skills in an exhilarating & dynamic environment. Camps also include a variety of sports-based activities to hone creative & confident players on the field, expert training offered by NYCFC Youth coaches, and more, which will challenge and motivate players to reach their full potential.

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This summer, the NYCFC Soccer Club welcomes over 1,000 campers to participate in their youth soccer camp! Youth participants will learn soccer basics such as ball control, defensive positioning, and tactical awareness. They will have the opportunity to learn and play the sport of soccer with professional trainers, who work with campers at their youth soccer camp to teach them the skills they need to excel in the sport.

Campers will also experience an outdoor-based camp. A wide variety of activities are designed to keep campers physically and mentally active while learning the basic skills needed for the sport of soccer. These activities will take place at the camp’s different locations – including a mini-soccer game at the Youth Center’s Soccer Field, a soccer exhibition game at the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, a soccer practice at the training facility and on the soccer field, and an outdoor soccer game at the Family Soccer Center! Every participant will receive the same training and education offered to every participant, regardless of his age or ability level.

The goal of NYCFC Youth Soccer Camp is to bring soccer to everyone. As a result, the campers will not be separated by ability or age. This is because many of the campers will all be part of the same team and be taught the same skills and taught to compete at the highest level possible, while still learning the basics. This is because each participant will have the chance to practice and improve at the same time.

In order to ensure that every participant has the best possible chance to succeed at their soccer camp, NYCFC offers a range of training and coaching packages. Each participant is offered a customized soccer training program. These are tailored to individual needs so that each participant receives the training he or she needs to excel in soccer. Whether your child is a newcomer to the sport or someone who has practiced for years, the specialized training will help any player excel at the sport. no matter what their skill level.

The Soccer Camp’s youth programs consist of a comprehensive introduction to the sport, a complete orientation to soccer playing, and a comprehensive program to improve players’ soccer skills. All of these skills can be improved through individual coaching, but a team setting is a great way to practice and improve on all areas of the game simultaneously. The camp also includes an athletic program, a full slate of games and tournaments, and extra-curricular activities for campers to stay busy and enjoy their time together while learning. Youth participants can even participate in a free soccer mini-camp to expand their soccer skills and get a jump start on the road to their own soccer career.

NYCFC Youth Soccer Coaches is some of the best in the business and has developed a reputation as some of the best in the world. In fact, several of these coaches hold professional coaching positions, including being part of the Soccer Academy for U-12 players at New York University. This year, one of the coaches is the head coach of the NYCFC youth academy, and one of the coaches is the coach for the U-13 and U-14 youth teams. Their experiences and expertise are unmatched in the youth soccer industry, and they are highly respected and sought-after for their soccer training expertise.

NYCFC is proud to provide soccer camp programs that allow parents and guardians to take a unique and fun experience with their child and teach him or her everything he or she needs to know about the sport, while getting some valuable soccer training and development. By attending soccer camp, your child can learn how to play soccer, meet like minded individuals and make friends, and enjoy the camaraderie and competition of a team of his or her own age.

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