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If you want to land that new position in the most efficient and effective way, here are a few tips that are certain to single you out from others. 

Personalize the summary in your resume.
A summary gives an idea of your overall strengths.  Be sure that you make it specific for each job you are going for. 

Take some time with the cover letter.
Don’t just address your information To Whom It May Concern.  Find out the hiring manager’s name.  The extra time you put into it will be a huge benefit.

Intelligent questions in the interview are key.  
Do a little research on the company and new products they are releasing.  It will really make you sound intelligent when the hiring manager asks at the end of the interview, “Do you have any questions?”

Don’t be a quitter.
Being in the Dubai job search is a stressful time.  They say for every $10,000 you want to make it takes about a month to land that job.  So if you want to make $60,000, you may have six months of job search in your future.  Don’t get stressed out when you do not have a new job in the first month. 

Listen more than you talk.
In the interview, gain further knowledge about the job you are seeking.  This is not a meeting with your psychologist.  You are there to decide if you want to take this position, so focus on whether or not it will be a position you will enjoy.

Armed with this information, you will demonstrate to the company that you are willing to do the work and make things happen. 

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