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With Wall Street going free, the price of oil in the soils, a possible global recession and collegians closing fronts or asking its citizens to stay the house, the economic land escape pare disodor.

Among the stocks that are most crowded are those of airlines, cruise ships and the entire tourism sector, in addition to the titles of the energy sector. 5 strategies that are functioning in countries that have been downgraded to have coronavirus infections . In the midst of a price war, the barrel of crude oil  10%, reaching minimums of US$20 for WTI oil that is transa. Then… If the oil is so cheap, who is buying those actions?

Carl Icahn, the well-known American investor is one of them. At least that’s what he said in the American press, noting that he’s bought West Petroleum shares. “Now it has reached the point where somewhere where somewhere inscribed,” Icahn told the CNBC news network.”Some of these companies are extremely low,” he said, adding that the bags “probably have a long way to keep going.” Although the other face of the coin, the billionaire warned, is that there are interests that are very much and too far,” which is why “they should binder”.

“We are very close to a global recession”: the effects of corona virus on the world economy. The collapse in the Chinese economy by the corona virus (and why it is a “great threat” to the world)It must be said that Icahn owns only 10% of Occidental Petroleum and that the shares  of 70% yesteryear.

Other labels the tycoon he claims to have bought are Hertz and Hewlett-Packard.Icahn belongs to the group of investors who like to curries and who seek maximum benefit when the bags are in crisis, known in the fuel pusillanimity as “the speculators” or “the opportunists”.”People think this is the apocalypse””There is a divide between investors who think it’s time to enter the market and those who think the collapse will be bigger,” Manuel Romero, professor of finance at IE Business School, Spain, tells BBC Mundo.

“We’re in a very, delicate moment because he hasn’t shown up money to buy. People think this is the apocalypse,” he adds. Romero explains that the likelihood of future profitability is very high, but “many of those who handle for tuna screen than the ground are much on the ground”.

Rick Lieder says the market offers “a unique opportunity in life.”The problem with these crises is knowing what the interchangeability of a company is to survive, he explains.”Some of the signs are investing in the company because he will have company that will go up the way, but there will be those who are going to break,” the academic says.

Rick Lieder, managing director and global chief investment officer of Black Rock – the world’s largest fund manager – warned that the market probably hasn’t played. 5 keys to understanding how bags work in the world (and why they collapse) “Today I need, I like mortgages and selective stocks,” Sailboarder. “We are selecting some actions that have real value in health care, technology and construction”.

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Even if companies take a hit on their profits, he added, “this is a lifetime opportunity to get this asset guy.” The Warren Buffet model. “You have to be greedy when others are scary and scary when others hold the uninfected eyes of greed.” That’s one of the most analgesic phrases of American tycoon Warren Buffet, who likes to go against the current, but animadversions. There are investors who are committed to high-risk speculation and others seeking “quality” actions that are not filed for bankruptcy. Buffet has historically privileged long-term profitability, in the meantime of so-called “buy-how” to gain money in the midst of the downscale.

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